Duncan: Name that tune!

So we spent the weekend in Glasgow preparing for next weeks tour to the islands and having a break from the minibus. The Charming Transport Band headed out to the gym and then spent the night Salsa Dancing with Hobbit whilst Huun Huur Tu caught up on some much needed sleep. They have been on tour for several weeks and are due to go to Russia then China straight after Love Music Festival so won't be home for several weeks now.

One of the things I needed to do after the first weeks gigs was to make some more sounds for the colour cinema sessions that I've been doing as scientific experiments. So armed with a strong coffee I started playing around with making some more loops. Just for fun and to check that they play in time I end up putting them all together so here are some:

All of this is from the jukebox or mapmixer.

Some samples have been speeded up / slowed down a little to synchronise but none have had their pitch changed.

How many artists can you spot?

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