Duncan: Portlethen Academy

The last Electric Loops workshop before the festival started this week was at Portlethen Academy. We spent a day exploring the looper and made a whole pile of short loops to play with as well as these pieces. Some of these I remixed from the loops that pairs of students made.

1: Oddness - Features a guitar loop with some distant violins and what sounds like someone sweeping up leaves in slow motion.

2: Pentatonic Loops and Instruments uses a 5 note scale that we made up and some layers of sound looped which are joined by live instruments.

3: Strange Loops - Has the same guitar riff as Oddness but this time there are bells which go backwards and forwards and then are joined by tuba pulses

4: Trumpets Drum and Bells - Starts like a kind of mechanical clock then is joined by the Vuvuzela orchestra in a cathedral

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