Duncan: The Gordon Schools

I spent a great day with a group of students at Huntly, not only did we make some interesting pieces but they had this fantastic school bell that they said they would record and send to us to put into the Map Mixer so that other folk can use the unique sound in their pieces.

Here are some of the things we made in the workshops:

1: Love You - A mix of voices and instruments all put through the looper

2: Congaloops - A great groove with some nifty conga playing looped with itself

3: Longalienvoices - Does what it says on the tin!

4: Haddock or Prawn? - We split into two groups who were named Haddock and Prawn (don't ask why...) this is the Haddock group (or is it the Prawn?)

5: This is the Prawn group (or is it the Haddock?)

Both of these last two pieces use the looper with live instruments / voices to create a layer of sound texture that you couldn't really play in any other way

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