Eve: Hearing Shapes

It’s been so much fun getting to meet you guys all around Scotland, finding out about where you live as well as more about the artists that are going to be performing. Now we’re getting the last bits ready for your festival day - Balkan Mash!

Jonny Axelsson has been training like an athlete so he is strong enough to play 7 gigs in a row. I’ve been working with David Bernard, the Balkan Mash VJ (video jockey!), to decide which images and colours go with the music you are going to hear. Do you see any colours or shapes or pictures when you hear Kolektif Istanbul? Are they very different from when you listen to Jonny Axelsson? Maybe you could draw some shapes and pictures and email me them and David might be able to put them in the festival videos you see whilst the bands are performing!

What have you been doing to get ready for Balkan Mash? Tell me on the Discussion board on Glow or upload your pictures, music and videos to the Sharing Space!

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