Eve: Talking Music

What conversations do you find interesting? What is it about them that’s interesting? Have you ever though about music like a conversation? Maybe one person talking to themselves or perhaps a big group having an argument? Do you like music that has predictable conversations:

A) “Hello, how are you?”
B) “I’m fine, thanks.”

Or more interesting ones:

A) “I went to the moon today, the stars are so bright and dazzling, I wish I could live there someday.”
B) “Mmmm...I love cheese, it’s so creamy and goes well with chutney. I’d like to live on the moon too.”

Sgiol nan Loch school on the Isle of Lewis made up some really cool drumming chats today, some of them we could understand, some that we knew were interesting but didn’t know what they were ‘talking’ about. Why don’t you have a go with a partner?

Does it matter if you understand the message that the band or composer tried to communicate to you? Do you think it’s more important for you to be able to make up your own story or message? Try and listen to some tracks on the Love Music Festival Jukebox and think about what message you are getting from it. Sometimes the name of the track will help you understand what the composer/band thought of, but maybe you think of something different?! Let me know what you listen to and the messages you think are there - post your thoughts on the Love Music Festival Glow site - Balkan Mash discussion board.

A good place to start is ‘She who sleeps with a small blanket’. It deals with all of these questions because Kevin Volans got really interested in Talking Drums (an African drum which changes pitch so much that it sounds like it’s speaking). He started asking himself all of the questions above before he wrote the piece of music.

Then try something like ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Miles of Sky’ by the Creaking Tree. How many different messages can you find in the jukebox? Don’t forget to tag and rate the tracks you listen to!

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