Sarah: Letter to a Lost Chipfork

Oh my darling Chapati,

I am unconsolable, you have gone and my life is in tatters. I knew from the moment I saw you clenched in the sweaty palm of that young Hebridean boy...

Sarah: chipmunk

... that our long and extinguished career as Chipolata and Chapati the performing chipforks was over.

sarah: chiplolata

I very nearly lost Sarah too as she struggled to cross the school car park in severe gail force winds carrying a trestle table.

The chip folk have all been very kind to me, and very well turned out I might add...

Sarah: chipfolk

...and now I must say farewell as my new friend Chipmunk and I are off across the bog to listen to this afternoons Pylican recital.

sarah:across the bog

Love and a peck on the chips from Chipolata.

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