Map Mixer

Download Map Mixer for Mac OS by clicking the link below!
Version 1.3, uploaded 16:40 11th October 2010

Map Mixer for Mac OS v1.3 [ZIP - 14MB]

Download MapMixer for Windows by clicking the link below!
Version 1.3, uploaded 16:40 11th October 2010

Map Mixer for Windows v1.3 [ZIP - 8MB]

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In order for the Map Mixer to work in your schools, you'll need to get the website that it accesses unblocked by whoever looks after your IT. The website to unblock is:

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What is the Map Mixer?

The Map Mixer is an intuitive digital music mixer, which allows you to create your own music from a bank of pre-recorded and found sounds.

During September and October 2010, Yann Seznec (Love Music Festival Multi Media Curator) visited schools across our 7 festival regions. He led workshops with 14-18 year olds in which sounds were recorded, edited and uploaded into the Map Mixer bank of sounds.

Each sound is tagged on a map interface, showing where it was recorded. You can choose and click sounds from the Map into the Mixer, do crazy stuff to them whilst recording your actions live, in real time, and make your own unique tracks. Once you've made your masterpiece, you can save it to share and compare with your peers.

You can also share your tracks with Yann and other festival attendees across Scotland if you're part of the Scottish schools network GLOW. Just log on and upload to the Love Music Festival Sharing Space. He has chosen some of the most interesting mixes and has added to them to the Love Music Festival Jukebox, for the whole world to hear. To listen to them, click the top box in the right hand column.

The Map Mixer was also used by our Love Music Festival animateurs as part of their in-school workshops but it's not exclusively for Scottish school attendees... Anyone can download it, use it and can create their own tracks, tunes, or crazy musical misadventures. Give it a go!