Green Pea

About the Festival Day

On a set dominated by a large tree, three sound-gardening musicians creates a zany collection of outrageously entertaining and quirky melodies. Discover a whimsical symphony where mandolin, accordion, bass clarinet, ukulele, banjo, bells, bird calls and bow saw... join plastic toys and kitchen utensils to create an energetic, fun and charming concert. With two sound-gardening accompanists, Arnaud Sacase (clarinet bass, alto saxophone) and Jean-Baptiste Tandé (guitar, accordion), Trio for a green pea (Trio pour un p'tit pois) paces up and down, right and left of all concert halls. The programme has been performed over 250 times since its creation in 2007.

In advance of the festival performances, Sarah Kenchington will be sending each participating school an instrument kit that they can make themselves. She'll also be posting a video here on the website to take you through the steps of building it. So watch this space!